About Us

EVP Tour Staff

The EVP Tour staff includes a Commissioner, a Producer, a Marketer and a Business Manager. The entire team leads with a firm commitment to producing events that build local support and attract spectators and athletes to the community it serves.

The Commissioner’s main focus is managing the national sponsorship commitments, executing public and private permits and building long-term vision for the EVP Tour and its Network members.

The Producer is responsible for all day-to-day event operations, player relations, event assets and all communications to the public.

The Marketer is responsible for using the tour ad values and relationship assets to activate new revenue for the tour.

The Business Manager is responsible for day-to-day financial tasks including contracts, purchases, bank transactions and cash flow management.

EVP Support Team

The EVP Support Team is a group of specialized vendors who all work together at events and gives the EVP Tour a very unique marketing presence in the sports industry.

The Show Producer is responsible for all matches and flow activities on the featured courts. This person prepares the layout of events and makes sure the talent will be informed of their responsibilities.

The Announcer gives the “main” court energy that draws in and develops the spectator base for the finals. His or her persuasive, energizing voice connects the community to the story that is unfolding at the beach with play-by-play and list of other events.

The Stage Producer is responsible for the setup of both center courts and placement of props to ensure safe athletic movement while providing the spectator great volleyball action; and assists the announcer and show producer during event schedule transitions. The Stage Producer is the one who asks you to ‘take your towel off the sponsor’s banner’.

The TV Producer films and edits the “event story” into video and digital formats and releases it to the EVP TV Network. This person also helps syndicate the “Energized” Show to the world.

The EVP Network

The EVP Network is a select group of Volleyball Professionals across the country. These members bring a wealth of opportunities in grassroots marketing and value to our sponsors as well as to the EVP Tour. It is their responsibility to execute regional and “City vs. City” events for the tour. It is the EVP Tour’s responsibility to support their endeavors. Each member is committed to a 1-year agreement (non-exclusive).

Tour Sponsors