Our Mission


The EVP® Tour’s primary aim is to support beach volleyball events that result in sponsors, participants, spectators and host communities feeling like “That was worth the trip, I wish the EVP® Tour can make that happen here every weekend! We feel like a part of the game”. Additional results include media exposure for the tour that increases participation at all levels. The EVP® Tour is dedicated to providing its customer with more value than they have been promised. On a local level, the EVP® Staff and its Network members’ aim is to develop new job opportunities and sponsor assets for the athletes in their region. The goal is to channel the resources to support the top teams, so they can compete and earn a living on the national EVP® Tour event.


To teach volleyball to youth and adults using the EVP® Academy Volleyball Pros lesson plan while enhancing student’s skills, which make the game more enjoyable and challenges them to experience the next level of volleyball. All resulting in students saying “I love volleyball and I want to learn more”.


  • Advance the game of volleyball at the grassroots level.
  • Produce volleyball classes and camps at park districts and recreation departments.
  • Manage and instruct adult volleyball classes for beginners, novice and advance.
  • Recruit and maintain a professional staff with leadership skills, patience and enthusiasm to teach multi levels of volleyball players.
  • Educate our customers on the benefits of fitness and activity.


  • Execute volleyball programs during Fall-Winter-Spring-Summer at Parks.
  • Present monthly instructor meetings that develop leadership and teaching skills.
  • Evaluate each program including instructor, registration and participants evaluations.

Ross Balling is a Certified Youth Sports Administrator (CYSA) with additional ceritfication including USA Volleyball Beach Impact and Beach Cap I instructor. He founded Volleyball Professionals and EVP® Tour in 1994 to teach others the sport he loves so much. He is a master instructor and a leader in providing Community Volleyball Programs at parks and other facilities with quality volleyball instruction and program management. He continues to teach other Volleyball Professionals his proven system of training and encouraging class participants to reach their potential. Ross reminds all of his instructors to keep the “ball alive” in each class and keep each customer learning more each session. With this approach, students develop skill and confidence. Many students are repeat participants, who are so enthusiastic about the programs that they often bring other participants to the programs.

Ross has been instrumental in developing community volleyball and his staff of Volleyball Professionals have trained over 20,000 students. By the end of the 2013 summer season, Volleyball Pros are projected to teach another 5,000 students at parks and beaches, both on the local and national level.

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