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We are thrilled to be hosting the EVP® Adirondack Coast Pro-Am Beach Volleyball Tournament for the second year in 2015 at the Plattsburgh City Beach. Last year was an incredible success with nets lining the beach, intense competition by the athletes and an overwhelming visitor turnout, all with the gorgeous backdrop of Lake Champlain. With some great plans in store, 2015 can only be bigger and better!
-Alyssa Felio, Group Marketing Specialist, Adirondack Coast Visitors Bureau

EVP Academies,
Emily started working with EVP Academies in January of 2014 and made great progress in her conditioning and her offensive and defensive beach game. Coach Ross made sure Emily’s fundamentals were sound and used training drills to improve her ball handling and footwork. She made notable improvements on her transition setting and blocking, as well as court strategy. Coach Ross is always positive and encouraging while pushing the players to be their competitive best. He helped Emily take her game to a whole new level and attract the attention of college coaches, which resulted in her commitment to a D1 sand program.
Mel Carol – Parent

EVP Team,

You guys run a smooth operation. Always looking for more EVP events.

S. Siwbiki

Keep in touch and it was really an awesome time at Hermosa Beach for all of our participants.





Thank you for a great beach introductory clinic. The kids are still talking about it. First thing this morning my son asked if he could show me all the drill you guys did. They really enjoyed it. Thanks again.
Kirk F.
EVP will once again be bringing world class athletes to our world class beach in July! Last year’s event lined the beach with volleyball nets and filled the coast with local and professional players all getting into the event. It is one more celebration of our area’s natural resources, and I look forward to even larger crowds this coming year.
-Mayor Jim Calnon, City of Plattsburgh

I just wanted to take this time to thank you for the opportunity to intern with the EVP Tour. It was a wonderful learning experience!
Through the EVP, I have gained much knowledge in the different areas of the sport. You have taught me to actively and properly communicate with a variety of people including children, customers, and professionals through Constant Contact. With Constant Contact, I learned the successful ways of email marketing. Along with email marketing, I successfully learned how to recruit teams for the tournaments. Ticket leap has allowed me to organize events.

Databases were a major aspect of my internship. I appreciate you teaching me the different types of databases that there are and allowing me to discover my management potential.
I did not only the skills but the conditioning class to. Its all about proper technique and speed. Im a stickler for technique so i was loving the feed back. Plus I was out of breathe at times which I havent felt on the beach for some time so I enjoyed the challange.
Scotty V.

by the way ross…

I have played on the WPVA (the women’s tour before the AVP), the 4 person bud Light 4 person tour, the MPVA… etc, etc.. and I must say, I really liked how you ran your tournament! Very fun event… thanks for coming to seattle!


I think that having EVP at the Festival was a great and
entertaining addition!! I loved meeting the athletes and Craig, they were very
professional and friendly. The setup was excellent as well.

Maryland Sea Food Festival 2013

Thanks Ross!
The TV preview show in Naples is outstanding! This
year’s Island Event was the best yet! Carlos, Lori, and Keith really “raised the
bar” to new new level in 2012! We’re looking forward to 2013!

Ralph P. Pryor, CSEE, CYSA
Sports Marketing Coordinator
Tourism and Parks & Recreation
Hi Ross,
I just wanted to say thanks again
to you and your team for coming to Detroit and all the work you did on the trade
show floor. Not only do I appreciate you going to all of your appointments, but
every exhibitor does too. It’s people like you that make TEAMS successful. I
hope the show was valuable and fun for both you and Bruce and that I’ll see you
in Salt Lake–or maybe before that! Please don’t hesitate to call for
Talk soon,
Hey Carlos and Ross,
Just wanted to say Ryan and I had
a great time at Tybee Island. The tournament was well run and on schedule, and
we had a great time at the social.
We are really interested in
playing some more events this year…I know Carlos had mentioned four big
…Again, just wanted to say thanks again for putting on a great
event, we had a blast and are looking forward to the next one.
Take care,

Ross/Ben,Pleasure meeting you both. Was very pleased on visibility for “Ice”
and opportunity to tie-in with the EVP Tour.
Mike Weldon-Talking Rain Beverage

Hey Ross,
I also missed the
opportunity of saying thank you for allowing me to stay at your place. Anyways
2012 has begun and I am looking forward to a fun year and playing in some EVP
tournaments. As you know I attended the training session with manny agnant and I
must say it was very professional and informative. Manny is a great guy with a
good heart. He taught me alot about the game in these 3 days, that I am gonna
put to use. I definitely recommend him and he is a great addition to the EVP
team. well I am planning to attend the tournament in tybee and looking forward
to seeing you there.

I first have to say, thank
you!!! The EVP event on Tybee Island this past May was perfect and well received
again by locals and visitors. I wanted to let you know the Greater Savannah
Sports Council would like to go ahead and commit to the 2012 EVP Pro Beach Tour.
We would like to keep your event on Beach Bum Weekend, which is May 18-20, 2012.
Thanks again for what you have done for our community, before the EVP came to
town there were zero permanent beach volleyball nets on our beaches now we have
four that people play on daily. We are really looking forward to 2012, please
let me know what we can do to grow the relationship and event.

Benjamin Wilder, CSEE
Director, Greater Savannah Sports
Twitter: SavannahSports


We enjoyed working with you. We
appreciate your support. We had a great year working with you this
Thanks, Russ
Russ Schleiden
Vice President of

Talking Rain Beverage
Carlos, I want to thank the
orginization for the great tournament that was held at Tybee. Last summer when
the tour came through, it sparked my desire to start playing again after a 12
yr. hiatus. I’m soon to be 51, and I thought my playing days were over. We’ve
been able to get some of our old crowd back on the court. We’re having a blast.
Although our bodies are not able to do everything our head is telling it to do,
our desire and enthusiasm is back. What a great sport beach ball is.- D
Can’t wait till next year.
AJ and
Just a
quick email to say, “Thank you for helping Charleston, WV at our dinner
tonight.” I really appreciate you both and look forward to working with you for
many years to come! It is always a pleasure to meet up with you at these

Our FUN Cub Scout Volleyball
event this past Friday with Ross Balling was great! I found Ross to not only be
a wonderful teacher, but a great motivator for the boys! Ross is offering a
Youth Sports Camp at the LBCC for those interested in pursuing additional sports
classes starting March 25th – May 6th. Several class times w/ ages are offered
through a wide range of sports. I’m definitely signing Will up for a class! – S.

Ross is a detail-orientated
and trustworthy event producer. He can be relied upon for timely contract
negotiations, adherence to policy, and reputable sports promotion, Its is a
pleasure to conduct business with his organization. – Lisa Lynn, City of Hermosa
Beach, CA

Thanks for putting on a
great tournament in Racine, WI! What a great place to play. I think what
impressed me the most was the fact that the people there came to the beach not
to lay in the sun or swim, but to watch volleyball! That was awesome! – Kim
Whitney, Team Clearwater Beach

Ross is a business
professional with impeccable character and integrity. He is an expert in his
field and produces an outstanding product. In our case, we have had an
outstanding experience as one of his EVP Pro-Am Beach Volleyball venues in
Naples, FL. – Ralph Pryor, The Sports Council of Collier County,

I wanted to drop you a short
note regarding the EVP Tour. I truly feel that you & Diane have done an
excellent job of developing the tour. The City Vs. City concept is a great
competitive platform. My wife, Marjorie, and I are having a blast traveling with
the tour recently, and we are committed to my playing as many Tour dates as
possible in 2007, if not all of them. We want to wish you continued success with
the EVP Tour as well as personally. – Jeremiah Dellas, St Louis

We have had a relationship
with EVP for five years now starting back when there were 4 events in 4
cities…..to see how EVP has developed over this time is very exciting and EVP
offers at a grass roots level…the personality and culture of fun, sun,
relaxing and getting away from it all which make it a great fit for our brands.
- Timm Amundsen, Crown Imports LLC Chicago, IL

Had a great meeting with the
Mayor of Toledo. He is excited and about what we’re doing and hopes to see a pro
tour event here in a few years!!! – Steve

We are airing the Miami show
now, and I am very impressed. I hope the tour is going well. – Larry Haber,
Comcast Sport Southeast
Ross – I want to thank you for
letting me work for the EVP this year. It was a great experience and I loved
working with everyone. I hope that the rest of the tournaments go smoothly this
year and you have a blast at each location. Hope to talk to you
Thanks again!!
Crystal Wright
I want to take this time
to review the progress that has been made through Corona Light’s and the EVP’s
partnership over the past 6 years as we come to the end of the current
Our relationship with the EVP
enabled us to develop and deliver an integrated program against our goal,
providing exposure through the on-site Beach Volleyball tournaments in addition
to the numerous activation programs supporting our sales divisions’ directives
at retail. Through a collaborative effort over the past six years we were able
to expand the tactical executions and increase our awareness, points of
distribution and features for the Corona Light brand.
Thank you and your team for all
the effort you put into making this sponsorship an effective element of our
Corona Light marketing mix.
K. Kramnic
VP Promotional Marketing
Imports, LLC

Tour Sponsors