Beach Tennis USA


Beach Tennis USA is very excited about partnering with the EVP and is thrilled to be introducing the sport of Beach Tennis to their world-class athletes. BTUSA thanks the EVP for this opportunity and looks forward to combining our knowledge and resources to promote the growth of this two awesome beach sports.

Beach Tennis is played on a beach volleyball sized court using a much lower net, a depressurized tennis ball and paddles instead of your hands. Spikes and dives are still strongly encouraged!! The paddles increase the speed of play giving the player a thrust of power while helping them exact a sharper degree of control. Most beginners can get a rally going within minutes of stepping onto a court. It’s all volley since balls don’t bounce on sand!! Beach tennis is hyper social and is played in groups, 2 on 2 for advanced players, 3 on 3 for immediate players and 4 on 4 for beginners and recreational play!

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