Chestnut Livermore

Height: 5’7”

Hometown: Blair, Nebraska

Originally From: Rocky Ford, Colorado

Cytogenetic Technologist III-8 years: I like knowing that my work is helping get the best treatment for patients! My job involves analyzing human chromosomes and determining genetic diseases. Currently I manage my own lab which provides valuable tests for usage by our clinical sections as well as valuable research information.

Husband-Derek Livermore of 9 years, Dogs-Daisey and Maximus.

Sparkles/ Ricco Suave aka Mike Williams gave this name to me because I had a suit with sparkles on it and he thought it best described my personality.

Describe your time/experiences with the EVP Tour
6 year/3rd Overall Women’s Player/4th Place National Championship-2 years Goals= Play Hard, Play Well and let God take care of the rest!

What attracted you to the EVP Tour? What is your most memorable moment on Tour?
The ability to travel and play beach volleyball while interacting with the fans, and also the close knit family atmosphere between the players. My most memorable moment on the tour was traveling to Santa Cruz, CA. Tracy and I got there early and were able to hike in the redwood forests where I notoriously received a large blister on my heel. If you know me at all you know about my nickname “tenderfoot”! We also stopped in a little suburb called Los Gatos where we ended up buying all the candy at the local candy shop! We proceeded to Santa Cruz and realized what a beautiful piece of heaven. Our play the next day went well also! We ended up 2nd place and were pleased to see we were making progress with the big dogs!! However, it was touch and go during the tourney due to me cramping and taking a locals suggestion of drinking salt water!! Never I repeat NEVER do this!! Praise God my little angel by the name of Mark Paaluhi who we had just met is an EMT gave me some fu fu powder stuff to drink and explained to me I must be a mainlander! Thanks to him I was able to hobble through semifinals and make it to championship with a belly ache! When the tourney was completed we went shopping and then came across Ross and the posse which were eating at a fabulous Mexican restaurant! Needless to say I managed to devour my plate and forget my prior stomach problems! Well in doing so I created another problem of overeating! Thank goodness for my best friend Tracy who took good care of me the whole weekend! Overall it was very fun and never a dull moment in the crazy adventures of Chestnut and Tracy!

Detail your Volleyball — post College.
I have traveled to Florida, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Texas, Minnesota, California, Illinois, Wisconsin and Oklahoma to play. My favorite beach to play on is Destin, Florida!

Describe your transition between Indoor and Beach?
I started playing beach volleyball 15 years ago in Jacksonville, Florida. I ended up learning a lot of the game from the well seasoned players out there. The reason I started playing was as a kid growing up I have always dreamed of playing on the beach even though I came from a state known for its beautiful mountains, Florida began my dream!

Volleyball Background:
Four years varsity player for Rocky Ford High School in Rocky Ford, CO: Two years at Otero Jr. College in La Junta, CO: Two years at Dana College in Blair, NE: Three years club volleyball at University of Nebraska in Lincoln, NE: Eight years indoor Adult USAV: Fifteen years playing Beach doubles in the United States.

College Play: Where / When?
Recruited by Otero Jr. College then by Dana College/ Started every year/ Played Right side and Outside/ Captain-4 years, MVP-2 years, All-Region-4 years, Best Defense- 2 years

High School Play: Where/When?
Rocky Ford High School/ Played and started every position from setter to middle to right and outside (aka fill in girl)/ Captain- 3 years, All-Conference- 3 years, MVP- 2 years, Best passer & Best Defender- 3 years.

How/When/Why did you get started playing?
My mom wouldn’t let me start playing until I was thirteen in Jr. High School team because she didn’t want me to get burned out. Little did she know how crazy I am about playing sports! I started playing because I love competition and sports in general. I really wanted to be a pro basketball player but I stuck with volleyball because I kept getting injured playing b-ball. Non-contact seemed to favor my way of play.

Detail your College Experience – Academic/Social.
I received my Bachelor’s in Biology and I am working on my Master’s in Agronomy. I had to study to keep my grades up to play volleyball however I found time to relax and have fun on the weekends. It is all about balance in your life!

“Born and Raised”?
I was born and raised in Rocky Ford, Colorado. My town is known for having the BEST watermelon’s and cantaloupe in the world! Our High School mascot is a watermelon and we were called the Meloneers or Lady Meloneers! I also ran track, played basketball, swam, and dove during high school.

What are your favorite Foods? Music? Movies/Books?
My favorite foods are Mexican Food, Strawberry Shortcake, and a good piece of chocolate. My favorite music is a little Contempary Christian, a little Classic Rock, a little Reggae, a little Latin, a little Country, a little R & B, and a good Crooner. My favorite books are the Bible (it keeps me grounded), Like Water For Chocolate By Laura Esquivel, and Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier.

Plans for Volleyball in 2011? Beyond?
My plan for 2011 is perform to my best ability, and be a good role model for young athletes. In the future I plan to retire and teach up and coming young women beach volleyball. Live well!
There is so much more that is interesting about you – what didn’t we ask
I better touch on how I received my name since it is not a very common one and the fact that everyone always asks how I received it. My mother has a very unusual name and she enjoyed having it growing up etc. that she wanted her first born to have an unusual name also. She loves the Christmas song sung by Bing Crosby White Christmas…..Chestnut’s roasting on an open fire……. “And now you know the rest of the story”