Corona Light EVP Sponsor 2002-2009

September 2, 2008

Ross Balling
EVP Volleyball
Michigan City, IN


I want to take this time to review the progress that has been made through Corona Light’s and the EVP’s partnership over the past 6 years as we come to the end of the current contract.

Our goal was to develop a sponsorship that actively engaged a core consumer segment in an activity that directly ties into the positioning of the Corona Light brand. The sponsorship also needed to play a role in support of wholesaler on-premise activation to strengthen the awareness and distribution in select markets. Through the course of our relationship we were able to achieve these goals.

Our relationship with the EVP enabled us to develop and deliver an integrated program against our goal, providing exposure through the on-site Beach Volleyball tournaments in addition to the numerous activation programs supporting our sales divisions’ directives at retail. Through a collaborative effort over the past six years we were able to expand the tactical executions and increase our awareness, points of distribution and features for the Corona Light brand. And as we found, this was no easy task when you review the number of points of contact within this program. It was through the help of the EVP organization’s logistic and communication platforms that we were able to achieve these objectives. Gaining wholesaler share of mind was indeed a key factor in focusing efforts against what has now become the number 1 imported light beer in America.

Thank you and your team for all the effort you put into making this sponsorship an effective element of our Corona Light marketing mix.

Kevin A. Kramnic
VP Promotional Marketing
Crown Imports, LLC