EVP Rocks the River – August 16 & 17

EVP Pro Am Beach Volleyball Tour returns to Magic Island, Charleston WV

What: EVP Tour is hosting the 5th annual EVP Rocks the River Pro Beach Volleyball Tournament at Magic Island, Charleston, WV. EVP is promising that it is going to be a great weekend along the Kanawha River and Haddad Park for juniors and adults.

EVP touring players who are planning on traveling to Charleston WV include EVP Champions Megan Wallin/Chara Harris of Team Sarasota. Additional teams include Kristy Bittikofer/Galena Dadolsky – Team Charlotte, Aurora Skarra-Gallagher/Tracy Morin Team Hermosa Beach, Shereen Hall/Vanessa Latimer of Team Virgina Beach and on the men’s side we have David Keeter/Marc Fonacari Virginia Beach, Will Robbins/ Neills Dubuer Team Indianapolis, Brian Murray/Chris Fortunes & Ty Hart/Danny Carter of Team Virginia Beach.

Friday – August 15th
1pm-6pm Adult YMCA Tournament

Saturday – August 16th
9am – 3pm EVP Pro Matches

Sunday – August 17th
10am – Women’s Finals
11pm – Men’s Finals

Magic Island, Charleston, WV

The EVP Tour offers novice players and local spectators the opportunity to compete in a festival of games, contests and volleyball clinics to help them brush up on their skills. Professional and amateur athletes can compete in intense matches and participate in fun skill challenges.

Spectators will enjoy the many special events, including:
 Opportunities to meet and play volleyball with pro players
 Free volleyball clinics
 Fun skill challenges with lots of prizes
 Heated volleyball competition as cities from around the nation compete in battles for hometown bragging rites

Teams and players can register for the tournament on site
 $50 -$60 for team entry
 $105 for pro team entry
 Spectator admission is free

 773-EVP-1198 or www.EVPTour.com

SPONSORS – Sockwa, Wilson Volleyballs and Gem Gear

About EVP Tour
The EVP Tour’s primary aim is to support beach volleyball events that result in sponsors, participants, spectators and host communities feeling like “That was worth the trip, I wish the EVP Tour can make that happen here every weekend- we feel like a part of the game!”. Additional results include media exposure for the tour that builds participation at all levels. The EVP Tour is dedicated to providing its customer with more value than they have been promised.

On a local level, the EVP Staff and Network members’ primary aim is to develop new job opportunities and sponsor assets for the athletes. The goal is to channel the resources to support the top team so they can compete and support their travel on the national EVP Tour.