EVP Tour Presented by Rebootizer Wraps Up Premier Event

PANAMA CITY BEACH (May 15, 2011) – The results are in!  Yesterday, the 2011 EVP Tour presented by Rebootizer opened at the Boardwalk Beach Resort in Panama City Beach with the EVP Island event, in conjunction with the Super-Cup of Watercross. Please visit www.facebook.com/evptour for photo updates and other event information.

The results are as follows:

Women’s Pro:
1st:  Chara Harris & Megan Wallin
2nd:  Jessica Skower & Megan Gilroy
3rd:  Katherine Babcock & Sheila Shaw
4th:  Michelle Lee & Megan Hopeful
5th:  Jaime Duncan & Corey Pobridnia
6th:  Lauren Vardai & Emily Fossum

Men’s Open:
1st:  Joey Middlebrooks & Judd Smith
2nd:  Kyle Peck & Rick Taylor
3rd:  Matt Rivest & Mark Swinge

Men’s A:
1st:  Carlos Jimenez & Marcel Ortner
2nd:  Ethan Elkins & Jay Elkins
3rd:  Rasmus Berger & Christian Einfalt

Women’s A:
1st:  Emily Brett & Erin Brett
2nd:  Hope Goodwin & Kristin Robertson