Sarasota World Finals Results – Lido Beach

What a funfilled weekend at the beautiful white sands of Lido Beach Resort.  Between the action in the Mens and Womens World finals, we also had great action from the Amateurs to the Pros.  Sarasota Men locals beat team Italty which primes our US teams to getting ready for this years action in the Olympics right around the corner.

The women local tallent also showed excellent skills and made for some hard hitting, volley action for all to watch..  The VIP tent amidst the center of the action had some great views and our local support of sponsors was great to see the community all involved!!  The BSN Corporate Challenge going on along side the Pros competing in Sand Soccer and Volleyball had the sponsors fighting for the championship. The event was won by Cha Cha Coconuts winning both the Volleyball and Beach Soccer.  Below we have results of all the competitions and we hope to see you at the next events or camps of the EVP.  Remember you want beach volleyball just log into!!

Women Pro

1 Tara Kuk/Shayna Munson                          Team Tampa

2 Heather Larkin/Marcela Gamarra               Team Miami

3 Tristy Bittikofer/Christine Schawag           Team Raliegh

3 Heidi Ford/Alexa Sevillano                         Team St Petersberg

Mens Pro

1. Andy Wimmer /Matt Henderson                  Team Sarasota

2. Massimilano Giovari/ Milian Lazaro             Team Italy
3. Strider Wibel/ Bradd Connors                     Team Miami
3  Daniel Virkus/ Bruno Lunardi                      Team Tampa

BSN Corporate Challenge

1. Cha Cha Coconuts

2. Daquiri Deck

3. Sandy Bottom

4. You Fit

5. Rebootizer

Mens AA

1 Ben Lyons/Travis Nichols
2 Morgan Smith/Lee N.
3 Alejandro Buitrago/Jorge Luis Torres

Womens A
1 Andrea Morales/Kishia De la Espriella
2 Morgan Flaherty/Mary Abramski
3 Dena Dahlquist/Nicolle Buttino
4 Gretchen Bieber/ Bianca Fernandez 
Mens A

1 Kyle Schulz/Cody Smith
2 Bill Dilorenzo/Arie Chievtakin
3 John Appley/Daniel Craig
3 Carlos “Guille” Jimenez/Jaime Jimenez
5 Nate Swatella/Athena Welbourne
5 Chris Einfalt/Marcel Ortner
7 Markus Walliser/Daniel Zelaya
7 Jordan Malsan/Phillip Bebber

1 Carlos Jimenez/Gretchen Bieber                        Team Chicago
2 Bruno Lunardi/Sarah Tickner                             Team Sarasota
3 Carlos “Guille” Jimenez/Bianca Fernandez       Team Miami Beach
3 Jaime Jimenez/Melissa Hardi                             Team Miami
4 Star Walker/Kevin Imperiale                              Team Tampa