The EVP League offers beach volleyball fans of all ages a chance to watch great matches while rallying behind their favorite local volleyball athletes.  The 2015-16 inaugural season will have six teams split into two conferences.  The east will include Chicago, Savannah & Miami. The west will include St. Pete, Houston and Phoenix.  From December through March, team owners will partner with  established venues to schedule and promote the EVP League (6) conference matches. Each event includes a women’s match, a men’s match and a fours match. Fans will receive added value at each match including music and special contests. Each team owner raises the funds to sponsor the teams travel to (2) away conference matches. Each team will then host (2) home matches. Once the conference matches are completed, the winners from the east will compete against west for the “Rings of Beach Volleyball”. Five rings will be given to the Championship team each season.

Team Chicago


Team Savannah


Team Miami


Team St. Pete


Team Houston


Team Phoenix