Udderly Smooth


Udderly Smooth ® Udder Cream, the signature product of Redex Industries, entered the athletic arena about 10 years ago.  The company had a lot of loyal athletes such as marathon runners, bicyclists, surfers, golfers and more, and incorporated new products to our line to meet the demand. Udderly Smooth® Chamois Cream and Udderly Smooth® Shea Butter Foot Cream, for instance, are both affordable and reliable to help prevent friction irritation and are non greasy.  In the case of volleyball professionals and surfers, Udderly Smooth® products smooth, soften and moisturize the driest, sunburned and sun parched skin, with no greasy feel. Bill Kennedy Jr., president of Redex, reports that his family has used Udderly Smooth® Udder Cream at the beach for 35 years.

Redex Industries, Inc. manufactures the family of Udderly Smooth® products in Salem, Ohio. Udderly Smooth® Udder Cream remains the flagship product and is sold at mass merchandisers, drug and grocery chains across America. Its greaseless formula and light fresh fragrance makes it a favorite among men and women to moisturize dry, chapped and cracked skin head-to-toe.  Udderly Smooth® products are on the rise and gaining in popularity, sales and distribution while the skin care category remains flat.

The medical community professionally recommends Udderly Smooth® products to diabetic and oncology patients.  Its effectiveness in restoring health to dry and irritated skin caused by radiation and chemotherapy make it a reliable and affordable favorite.

Udderly Smooth® products are manufactured under the direct guidance of Bill Kennedy, Sr. a Registered Pharmacist and CEO of Redex Industries, Inc.  This is truly a family enterprise with three generations of the Kennedy family working to produce effective, high quality products that their customers demand.  After nearly 35 years in business, the family members follow their roots and manufacture products based on the pharmacist’s creed, “Secundem Artem…in the manner of the art.”

Redex Industries is located at 1176 Salem Parkway, Salem, Ohio 44460.  For more information on Udderly Smooth® products or Redex Industries, Inc. please log onto their web site at www.udderlysmooth.com or call Lorraine Winterink directly at 641-228-3444 or 800-345-7339.