Will Robbins – Team Indy

Id: 13582
Email: 1williamrobbins@gmail.com
City: Fort WayneHeight: 6’3″
Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN

Originally From: Fort Wayne, IN
Occupation: Personal Trainer, 5 years, Love to watch others play the game he loves
Family: Married to Ashley who is Teacher and a very good volleyball coach and player…
Sponsors: Found the EVP Tour to be a perfect match for his fast past lifestyle and limited weekend commitments
Nickname(S):Sweet Billy
Describe your time/experiences with the EVP Tour?
5 year on the EVP, Lots of good finishes. My goal is to win more tournaments, get a great sponsorship so I can train more and work less. I would like to get Player MVP this year.
What attracted you to the EVP Tour?
The EVP is the best tour hands down. Great Competition, good prize money, and fun parties.
Detail your Volleyball — post College.
Recently played in Australia with Gold medalist Coach “Steve Anderson”. Played for a month in Italy. Favorite beaches are Hermosa, Huntington, North Ave. Beach, Chicago and South beach Miami.
Describe your transition between Indoor and Beach? I played professionally oversees.
Volleyball Background
College Play:
High School Play:
Detail your College Experience
“Born and Raised”?
Plans for Volleyball in 2012? Beyond? I want my volleyball journey to be filled with lots of memorable experiences, great people, fun times, and lots of wins.